Spear St. Mower Specialties: ZEVO Hustler ZTR

The Hustler ZEVO residential zero-turn riding mower is now available at Spear Street Mower Specialties in Charlotte. Hustler is a popular and trusted brand, and this looks like a great E-mower.  Here’s some specs:

  • 42 inch deck
  • 7 mph drive speed
  • Heavy-duty fabricated (not “stamped”) steel deck
  • 90 minute run time per charge (up to a 3.6 acres)
  • 3 year/300 hr warranty.

The ZEVO is also competitively priced at around $5,200.  And while Green Mt Power and the Burlington Electric Department are offering a $100 and $200 rebate on these residential E-riding mowers, we’re hopeful that these incentives will be increased in the near future, and that other Vermont utilities will be offering them as well – stay tuned !!!

The new Hustler ZEVO mower in Spear St. Mower Specialties' showroom.