Mow Electric!

Electric lawn 
care advocacy

Advancing the use of battery-electric lawn care equipment for homeowners, professional contractors and institutions in Vermont.
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Mow electric!

Electric lawn 
care advocacy

Promoting the use of battery-electric lawn care equipment with valuable resources for homeowners and lawn care professionals.
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why electric lawn care

The benefits of electric lawn care equipment

The use of electric lawn care equipment provides extensive benefits to both homeowners and lawn care professionals. Battery-powered lawn mowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers etc. have a positive impact on the environment and the economy relative to the gas equivalents of these tools.

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Quality of life
the campaign

What is the purpose of the Mow Electric! Campaign?

The Mow Electric! Campaign is a grassroots initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more livable communities through the use of electric lawn care equipment. Furthermore, we provide resources to help facilitate the transition from conventional to electric lawn care equipment. Additionally, as a grassroots initiative, we encourage Vermonters to get involved in the campaign by advocating for the use of electric lawn care equipment in their communities.

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“The Mean Green mowers are powerful, reliable, and obviously great for the environment. The only routine maintenance is greasing the front wheels and sharpening blades.”

Jay Thomas
Contractor - Bear Mtn. Mowing

"These electric tools are just as good as gas powered equivalents in getting their lawn care jobs done without as much noise and none of the fumes or maintenance."

Homeowner - Williston, VT

"I have been using a Greenworks mower for 2 summers. It has worked flawlessly and starts at the push of a button. No gas, no oil, no spark plug and best of all, no noise!"

Homeowner - Rochester, VT

Explore electric lawn care equipment

As the electric lawn care movement gains significant traction, both legacy manufacturers and emerging companies are providing professionals and homeowners with reliable electric lawn care solutions.

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Greenworks zero-turn riding mower.
Atlas string trimmer.
Ryobi leaf blower.
Ego battery-electric walk-behind mower.