The Mow Electric! Campaign

The Mow Electric! Campaign is a grassroots initiative to grow the electric lawn care movement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more livable communities.
why electric lawn care

The importance of electric lawn care

The burning of billions of gallons of gas and diesel annually by the US lawn care industry is both irrational and unnecessary now that practical and cost-effective electric alternatives are readily available. Therefore, the expanded use of electric lawn care equipment is imperative to stop the harmful impacts of the industry.

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Reduce emissions
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Practical equipment
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Improve quality of life

Campaign Goals


Raise awareness of the significant environmental and economic benefits of electric lawn mowers and chore tools.


Increase exposure to and use of battery-electric lawn care equipment within the public and private sectors of Vermont.


Initiate and support efforts to create and pass legislation and policy to expand the use of electric lawn care equipment.


Organize and support the efforts of others to organize electric lawn care equipment demo events for commercial and residential users.


Provide useful resources and information to help facilitate the transition to electric lawn care equipment in Vermont.


Give Vermonters the ability to join the electric lawn care movement and participate in various forms of advocacy to help spread the word.